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All outdoor pools in the UK need some type of cover to retain heat and prevent evaporation and loss of chemicals. Standard floating covers provide part of these requirements but that is all.


A safety cover can provide so much more...

They come in a range of options and prices, from a basic manual safety cover that is pulled over the pool with a cord, to a fully automatic key operated system installed below the pool surround.


The fully automated option is the ultimate in pool covers, providing an all year round solution to your pool cover needs.

An automated cover provides not only the most important facility of safety for your children and pets, but also a simple and easy method of opening and closing the pool, all year round.


The safety covers are made from a reinforced PVC sheet that is opaque and so when the pool is covered, all light is shut out preventing algae growth.


When closed, the automated covers prevent rainwater and debris from entering the pool and so the pool stays cleaner and the water quality better.

Chemical usage and heating is reduced, saving money.

Safety Covers


A Safer Pool & Cleaner Water

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